Group Coaching

Group Coaching Increase Leadership Effectiveness

Meetings via Zoom Video Conference - you can be anywhere! Each Mastermind Group has Limited Seating capped at 12 participants. 

In a survey of 400 companies with at least 100,000 employees, each cited an average loss of $62.4 million per year because of inadequate communication to and between employees. Miscommunication costs smaller companies of 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year.

Coaching Certification

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Group Mastermind

Are you a new people manager?  Transitioning from an individual contributor role to a team leader is a big change and requires new skills.

Optimize your probability of success by learning from a peer-based coaching group led by an Executive Coach. Many new managers fail as the skills that got them promoted are different than what makes a team leader successful. This mastermind group focuses on unpacking strategies for dealing with difficult situations that arise in leading a team.  


Group Mastermind

Are you in an executive role and spend most of your time resolving team conflicts?

Join a peer-based mastermind group to learn from other Executives facilitated by a Certified Executive Coach. This mastermind focuses on how to build coaching skills  and start increasing leadership effectiveness among your middle managers. Stop trying to do everything yourself. Learn how to create a culture that encourages Inspired Leadership. This mastermind group focuses on strategies that deliver results through people.


Group Mastermind

Are you a young professional looking to advance your career to move into a leadership role?

This Emerging Leaders Mastermind is designed to accelerate career progress and develop key leadership skills. The focus is on exchanging strategies for career growth, building a personal brand, and cultivating key relationships. Benefit from building a network with other Emerging Leaders to learn from your peers as facilitated by the Certified Executive Coach.


Group Mastermind

Are you an entrepreneur with no peer advisory group? Would it be helpful to have a group to learn from others who have faced similar challenges? 

The Entrepreneur Leader Mastermind is set up deep dive into leadership essentials to fuel leadership capability. Many entrepreneurs are guilty of trying to do everything themselves. This slows growth and is not the right way to scale a business and motivate your team. Entrepreneur Leaders can learn from each other facilitated by a Certified Executive Coach.