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Attract Top Performing Employees

Successful organizations are now offering executive coaching across job levels and functions. Leadership coaching is no longer a benefit just reserved for the C-Suite. A recent survey delivered by Deloitte to over 1,800 millennials, showed that this demographic wants leadership coaching more than any other workplace benefit.

Trained in the neuroscience that changes behaviour

Brain Based Coaching

All of ​our leadership coaching packages are based on neuroscience a​nd delivered by our ​Results Trained Coaches. ​Profitability increases between 14% to 29% among organizations that take a strengths based approach to leadership; and ​employee turnover decreases between 20% to 73%.

We are NOT one of those fluffy, new-age leadership practices that gets people to do silly team based exercises that involve building the tallest tower together or talking about their feelings in a group setting.  Power HR is business focused, and we measure the results we deliver for our clients. 

We do believe in the power of inspiration to tap into the ​employees leadership potential. We do ​this through ​changing behaviours and beliefs based on neuroscience. 

Maximize ​Leadership Effectiveness​

Leadership coaching is a powerful lever of increasing employee motivation and performance. Employees want to feel like they are growing professionally in their careers.  By asking powerful questions that support employees in achieving a growth mindset and re-framing limiting beliefs and assumptions, leadership coaching can greatly increase employee productivity and performance. 

Reduce Employee Turnover

Employers that invest in their employees build successful teams that win.  Many employers fail to realize the return on investment they make in their employees as they do not dedicate sufficient resources to developing employees soft skills and mind-set.  Employers need to train their teams on how to be effective coaches and how to lead teams effectively.  Top performing organizations like Shopify recognize the power of leadership coaching to maximize business growth.

Accelerate Rate of Employee Promotion Readiness

Employees who participate in one-on-one employee coaching and group coaching programs are promotion ready at an accelerated rate compared to those employees who do not receive this support. The benefit of working with an external coach is that employees feel safe working with a confidential, third party to ask those sensitive questions that they may not feel comfortable raising to their immediate supervisor. There are no political ​interests that employees have that are embedded within an organization that acts as a barrier to building trust with the coach.

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