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Our professional, confidential, HR consultants can save your organization time and money.

Power HR provides your management team the confidence of knowing your human resources is managed by highly qualified HR professionals. This is a much more cost effective solution for small to medium sized organizations that often do not require a full-time human resources employee. Power HR can tap into its network of HR specialists answer your team’s questions on compensation, benefits, policy, or employment legislation.  We can handle your employees human resources questions to reduce your legal risk and to optimize the employee experience.

Many organizations find outsourcing human resources is more cost-effective and can provide higher quality, more specialized support. Our Executive HR Advisory / Retainer Packages save our clients the cost of a full-time human resources employee.

Power HR starts by performing an HR assessment to understand your organization, your people, and your HR priorities and gaps. We then design an HR plan that fits the size of your organization and your budget.

Some clients engage us to build their employees HR capability in-house through coaching and advisory services. We can provide direction and advisory support to more junior administrative staff, as well as answer questions of your most senior team. You will gain access to highly qualified HR support.

HR Compliance & Risk Management

Policies are important as they are an extension of the terms and conditions of employment that the employer has with an employee.  Power HR can work with your organization to review or create an HR policy manual that is compliant with labour standards for your jurisdiction.

HR Policy Manual

When an employer fails to comply with labour standards, human rights legislation, or other employment regulations, this can result in financial penalties and the erosion of your brand in the market.  Better to get your ducks in a row to ensure your HR policies are up-to-date with evolving employment legislation.

Job Descriptions

Clearly documented job descriptions lower risk as they communicate to employees what their role and responsibilities involve.  This increases productivity and is a foundational element for performance management. 

Performance Process

Employees need a process to have regular check-ins with their managers to discuss progress made towards their individual and organizational goals.   This is a key lever of engagement, and having performance documentation when a termination results because of poor performance is essential.


When a termination meeting is led without any human resources involvement, this can be a huge exposure for an organization.  The wrong things may be said or not done, and it can result in costly legal settlements.  Better to plan out a respectful termination and have human resources lead the process.

Employee Training

Employee Training is fundamental to meeting your basic compliance requirements as a employer.  In addition to health and safety training, all employers should conduct basic training in the below areas.

Harassment Prevention Training 

Conducting regular training on what is considered harassment and discrimination in the workplace lowers an employer’s risk as they have performed their due diligence of what the Human Rights Act considers as prohibited grounds.  In the event of a human rights complaint, it is better to have performed this training.  Some provinces like New Brunswick require harassment prevention training be performed as a legislative requirement. We can design and deliver this training for you.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Top employers take action to ensure that all minority groups are included and welcomed in the workplace. A best practice is to roll out diversity and inclusion training to all employees.  Top talent want to work for an employer that encourages a diversity of ideas and people in the workplace.  We can design and deliver training on how to create a more diverse, inclusive work environment.

“Susan is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable HR&OD professional who has a keen understanding of policy development and approvals process in a municipal context. She is able to develop options and clear policies based on thorough analysis in an effective and efficient manner that aligns to the needs of the organization and stakeholders.”

– Dave Mignault, Manager, Organization Development & HRMS, City of Kingston –