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Only 25% of employees are satisfied with the investment and quality of development they receive from their employer. Engaged employees are your best advocate for serving your customers.

Employee development lowers turnover cost and maximizes team productivity.

Power HR designs and delivers keynote sessions and human resources training. Training can be customized for your organization’s needs. We offer blended learning solutions that include online and class-room training. Our programs include sessions on:

Cultivating Inspired Leadership - Stimulating Ideas and Passion

This session answers the question: "How can we instill and grow leadership capability in our organization?" Every individual regardless of job function or level, can influence the depth of leadership demonstrated and cultivated in their organization. Every employee should play a role in elevating the team's ability to influence and lead.

The key leadership nuggets learned during my 15+ years working with over 50 organizations as a professional human resources executive and consultant are distilled to their most essential form. During this session, Susan explores with the audience how a leadership mind-set is fostered. The specific activities an organization can take to elevate leadership capability are discussed.

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Preparing for the Future of Human Resources

Over the next five years, over 50% of jobs are forecasted to disappear because of technology.  Human resources will face dramatic changes to how we engage and retain people.  At an exponential rate, our people will be working side by side with robots, and adopting technology that includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, and chatbots.

We need to prepare our workforce for this change.  This session focuses on the trends in human resources, and what the future of work is expected to look like.  Examples of what leading organizations are doing to prepare themselves for this new workplace are shared.

It is said that we are going through the fourth industrial revolution and organizations need to consider what this means to their organization and their people.  Those organizations that sit back and wait will not be in business five years from now.

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How to Find & Keep Top Talent in a Digital World

The right talent is a game changer.  However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find 'the right person for the right role'; and then keep them engaged in their role.  Often the best talent is not searching out a new opportunity, and a different approach is needed to attract and retain top talent.

Susan provides insight and leading practices for how to integrate technology into your recruitment and talent management programs for optimal results  Attendees will leave the session with:

  • A recruitment and retention assessment to know the current state of your talent management practices;
  • Best practices to  maximize retention of top talent;
  • Framework to create an employee value proposition that resonates with your staff, and acts as a talent magnet;
  • caret-right
    Strategies for building an engaged workforce; and proven tactics to increase the creativity and innovation of your people.

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Making Conflict Resolution Easy

Conflict in the workplace happens all around us; and it is inevitable.  However, when conflict festers, it destroys trust and relationships; and it can greatly impede productivity.  Human resources is often pulled in to help employees resolve conflicts, but often too little is done too late.

Susan provides excellent tips on how to get proactive with conflict resolution, how to communicate more effectively, deal with difficult people, and adopt proven conflict resolution approaches based on the individual situation and desired outcome.  Attendees will leave the session with:

  • Strategies for effective conflict resolution and knowing what types of situations best fit each strategy;
  • Insight on the types of difficult people; and how to deal with difficult people to reduce workplace stress and conflicts;
  • Communication barriers that often result in conflicts; and the do's and don'ts of conflict resolution;
  • caret-right
    A six-step conflict resolution process for how to facilitate conflict resolution as a third party.

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"Susan is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable HR&OD professional who has a keen understanding of policy development and approvals process in a municipal context. She is able to develop options and clear policies based on thorough analysis in an effective and efficient manner that aligns to the needs of the organization and stakeholders."

- Dave Mignault, Manager, Organization Development & HRMS, City of Kingston -