Succession Management

Create a Talent Review Strategy​

Employee development programs need to be built upon Best Practices for a Talent Management ​Strategy and Process.  Effective leaders grow other leaders.   At Power HR, we believe that ​an organization needs to conduct talent review more than once a year as too much changes in a business in 12 months. You will lag behind your competitors in developing talent for their next roles if you only review your talent on an annual basis.  ​Employee development needs to be a priority or your turnover rate will spike, and you will lose top talent in the market to those organizations that are performing talent review as part of their quarterly process.

Design a Succession Planning ​Program

Succession Management Best Practices

​The above figure shows the essential steps to identify future leaders for key roles and should be part of the business planning process.

The entire purpose of Talent Management Reviews is to assess the readiness of key talent to move into future key positions. It is succession planning.  ​Power HR can build a succession planning process for your organization based on Succession Management Best Practices.  We consult with our clients to determine what key criteria informs the succession planning process, the level of transparency to communicate potential successors to those identified, the participants involved in providing input on successor readiness and who are potential successors, and the ​talent pipeline for emerging leadership positions.

The talent review process will identify whether talent is ready now or ready in one to two years to move into key roles, and what those key roles are best suited to each employees. This is a valuable business planning practice.  Your succession planning results will indicate to you whether you need to recruit externally for a key vacancy like an Executive role or if you have a ready now successor promotion ready in your organization.

​​Facilitate Talent Review Meetings

Power HR can partner with your organization to facilitate a talent review session with your senior management team to assess what leadership development ​pipeline looks like today, what are the pain points, and what are the objectives for your organization’s leadership development approach. Power HR specializes in growing and inspiring leaders, and we can work with your team to:

  • Identify top priority learning and development programs that will provide biggest return on investment to your organization;
  • Create customized employee development plans for your high potential talent and meet with them quarterly to review progress to maximize retention and productivity;
  • Launch an employee mentorship or coaching program and make the right matches to fully realize every individual’s potential.

​Design Employee Development Programs

​Power HR offers Leadership Circle 360 Degree Leadership ​Profile Assessment that we can administer to help you assess your people’s leadership strengths and weaknesses. Leadership Circle is the market leader in assessing leadership effectiveness, and only certified practitioneers can interpret and order these reports.​​ A 360 degree assessment provides invaluable data on perceptions of leadership as self-assessed and from the leader's boss, peers, direct reports, etc. The results from your 360 degree assessments need to be built into each employee development plan.  

​We are also Predictive Index Certified to assess behaviour patterns that predict personality factors to assess job fit. We also offer Cognitive Assessments to assess how quickly individuals solve problems and process information.

For convenient ease of access, all assessments and the report results are delivered electronically. An interpretation of the results identifies employee development opportunities or areas to probe into more deeply during the talent acquisition process.

"Susan was hired to do a large project for our organization and she has proven to be very professional and knowledgeable in the field of Human Resources. Given the level of service that MFN has received on such a sensitive project, Susan has shown great respect for the confidentiality of our employees and our culture. I look forward to a continued work relationship with Susan on other HR Projects in the future."

- Tammy A. Drew, General Manager, Miawpukek First Nation -